What's New in the EASE September 2023 Product Release

Our September 2023 Product Release is here! Check out some of the new enhancements to EASE.

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Analyze Your Data Faster with Custom Fields

We’re making deeper data analysis easier, faster, and more accurate with Custom Fields.   

Custom Fields was previously in beta, and now that many different customers have shared how useful it’s been for them, we’ll be rolling it out for everyone to benefit from.  

These fields are metadata, which is data that describes other data. Think of it as another way to classify the work that is occurring when using EASE to complete audits, inspections, and more.  

These fields will also be available in your data exports, which will be essential for slicing & dicing, investigating and interrogating your data, leading to more granular insights. 

Add Rich Text Formatting to Your Questions

We’re bringing you the ability to make critical information in your Questions visibly stand out by adding rich text formatting to your questions.  

You’ll be able to change fonts and font colors, make text bold or italics, add ordered and unordered lists, and more! 

Streamline Scheduling with a Redesigned Interface

We’ve simplified and streamlined your scheduling experience by redesigning and improving the interface.

This new single-screen interface makes creating your audit & inspection schedules, no matter how complex or sophisticated, even easier to set up. It offers a simpler and more intuitive flow with the ability to preview what scheduled work will look like before you finalize and schedule it.

It makes the days of Excel and manual scheduling a thing of the past! The future is simplified & streamlined.

And Many More Enhancements!

The September 2023 Product Release contains many more enhancements to EASE functionality. Some of those improvements not listed above include:

  • Pass/Fail/NA options are now color coded for enhanced visibility.
  • The Reason and the Reaction Plan from each question are now visible in the Question Library table under new, matching columns.
  • For Pass/Fail/NA questions, you can customize the label for NA.
  • The Tags column in the Questions table now support AND/OR filtering.
  • Corrective Actions is now called Action Plans.
  • Report Panels can now be updated with custom names.
  • Profile pictures will now show up in more areas across EASE like the Leaderboard, Users List, and more.
  • In Organization Settings, you can edit the session expiration for web and mobile logins, which determines the length of time before EASE automatically signs a user out.


EASE September 2023 Product Release enhancements will be released throughout the coming weeks. EASE releases most new features and enhancements to customers quarterly, in addition to monthly service packs containing additional enhancements and bug fixes. Please contact your customer success manager or the EASE support team for further details and with any questions.