EASE: Rebrand FAQs

Ease Insider

April 7, 2020

EASE rebrand

We’re excited to introduce the new EASE brand into the product but are also aware this may raise a number of questions for our customers. We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions about our updates in an effort to put your mind at ease.

Why did we change the product name?

Having spent several months speaking with our customers and partners, it ended up being a relatively easy decision to consolidate both our product name and our company into a single brand. The new EASE brand conveys one of our core values and we know will lessen confusion too. You can read more about the details of the rebrand in our corresponding blog, Beacon Quality is Now EASE.

Was the company bought out?

No, EASE has not been bought out and management has not changed hands. It’s the same company that has been serving manufacturing since 1986.

What are the changes to product with regards to the new brand?

You will see our new brand colors and logo throughout the product. The login page will periodically change with new event and content updates.

Are there new features included with the new brand?

Like many SaaS applications, we are always iteratively improving the software, building on the previous releases. In addition to the rebrand, you can expect to see improved list view filters, added hint text to guide your experience, the ability to review your Delete Audit Requests statuses, and more. You can always checkout what’s new in each release by clicking the version number in the lower left area of the navigation.

Are there any changes to the mobile application?

As with all of our product releases, changes to the mobile application will take place approximately a week after the Web application goes live. This time gap is due to requirements for the various app stores that need to review and approve the mobile app.

What happens to my historical data?

No historical data has been erased so your existing records will remain the same.

Who do we contact for product support?

You can still contact customer support at [email protected]

Will my login change?

No, you can continue to login with your existing username and password. While the existing login URL will continue to function just as it has done in the past, we also have a new login URL available at app.ease.io. Either will work just fine with your existing credentials. Go ahead and bookmark app.ease.io or just click the login link on the ease.io Website.