The Audit and Inspections Platform for Manufacturers

Unleash Your Plant Floor Opportunity

EASE is the leading mobile platform to monitor, validate and analyze any high frequency manufacturing plant floor processes. From Layered Process Audits (LPA) to safety inspections, 5S, Gemba walks and more, EASE combines simplicity and efficiency with powerful insights to drive operational excellence.

  • Make it Simple
    You’re busy so we give you the tools to work smarter. Automate your audit program and significantly reduce audit labor time and cost.
  • Happy Customers
    Identify risks and trends early so your business runs more smoothly. Less scrap, rework, and returns equals satisfied customers.
  • Find the Truth
    Bring visibility and accountability to plant floor audits through real-time actionable data that drives positive change.
  • No Waiting Around
    EASE delivers rapid time-to-value through an intuitive user experience and cloud deployment model that has you up and running in days.

What is the EASE Audit Platform?

LPA Customer Quote

“Their solution immediately created real business benefits – freeing up resources and controlling our operations.”

EASE Customer

EASE Capabilities

  • Native Support for Layered Process Audits
  • Customized Audit Types
  • Mobile Auditing (iOS and Android) 
  • Advanced Offline Mobile Audit Support
  • Customizable Dashboards and Reporting
  • Audit Scheduling (Including by Layer)
  • Question Library
  • Picture Annotations
  • Question Reference Images and Documents
  • Track Open Mitigations

Customers Love EASE

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