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Audit & Inspection Platform for Manufacturers

Digital Audits. Quality Results.

Digitally connect and automate critical plant floor work processes with EASE. Get visibility across all your sites with real-time insights to drive efficiency, prevent compliance issues, reduce defects, and cut costs.

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Trusted by Quality, Safety & Operations leaders at top global manufacturers.
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Reduction in quality costs
Less time spent on admin
Increase in audit completion rate
Increase in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

*Examples of what customers have achieved with EASE

Your keys to operational excellence.

Access all the tools you need for end-to-end scheduling, tracking, and completing critical work for your frontlines — from audits to ad hoc findings and corrective actions. As tasks get done, get real-time data dashboards showing what’s working and what’s not.

Ramp up quality.

Reduce quality escapes, scrap, rework and returns, and increase customer satisfaction as a result.

Create a culture of safety.

Empower your frontline workforce to identify risks and correct non-conformances faster.

Level up productivity.

Reduce labor time and program administration by putting automation to work while staying in control.

Centralize your workflows. And your data.

Efficiently perform Layered Process Audits, Safety Inspections, Gemba Walks, 5S evaluations, and more. Customize checklists, track corrective actions, and conduct unlimited audits. We have your back as you drive digital transformation forward.

Rock-solid security & compliance.

With enterprise-grade security and audit compliant controls, keep all your data safe and control who sees what using advanced user permissions.

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See the difference with EASE.

Join top manufacturers using EASE to drive quality, safety and productivity.

Reduction in quality costs
Less time spent on admin
Increase in audit completion rate
Increase in OEE

* Examples of what customers have achieved with EASE