Increase Safety, Decrease Cost of Quality and Optimize Productivity

Leverage Your Audits to Make Bottom Line Impact

EASE is the most comprehensive audit and inspection platform to assess and sustain consistent execution of any high frequency manufacturing plant floor process. From Layered Process Audits (LPA) to safety inspections, 5S, Gemba walks and more, EASE combines simplicity and efficiency with powerful insights to drive operational excellence.

  • Simplify Audit Administration
    As a Quality or Safety leader, focusing your time on actions and decisions versus administrative tasks is key to quality and safety. With EASE, put automation, standardization, and real-time data visibility to work to significantly reduce audit labor time and cost.
  • Prevent Costly Quality Escapes & Safety Incidents
    Just one product recall or workplace accident can impact your bottom line in a big way. Prevention is your best countermeasure. Detect non-conformances and inefficiencies with EASE through closed-loop issue resolution.
  • Resolve Areas of Poor Performance
    Access performance data in real-time, from anywhere, across your sites. Actionable dashboards and reports help you identify positive and negative trends, gaps and required countermeasures to drive continuous improvement.
  • Satisfy Compliance and Customer Requirements
    EASE facilitates centralized documentation, storage, and retrieval of audit and inspection records, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations, and meeting customer requirements.

What is the EASE Audit Platform?

LPA Customer Quote

“Their solution immediately created real business benefits – freeing up resources and controlling our operations.”

EASE Customer

Powerful Features that Drive Performance

  • Native Support for Layered Process Audits
  • Supports Any High Frequency Audit Type
  • Mobile Auditing (iOS and Android)
  • Advanced Offline Mobile Audit Support
  • Actionable Dashboards and Reporting
  • Automated Audit Scheduling (Including by Layer)
  • Question Library & Document Management
  • Picture Annotations
  • Question Reference Images and Documents
  • Open Mitigations Tracking

Customers Love EASE