Digitized Safety Inspections

Safety inspection software.

Equip your frontline with on-the-go tools to say something when they see something. 

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Maintain safe working conditions and keep safety top of mind for everyone, every day.

Find out about and respond to near-misses faster than ever before. Gain new visibility to make sure no hazard gets missed or lost. Conduct BBSOs, track common unsafe behaviors, and act immediately. 

Cut out busywork

Spend less time managing paperwork and manually tracking corrective actions. Use digital tools to create, schedule, and analyze safety processes.

Accelerate issue resolution

Get notified about hazards and unsafe conditions found on the frontline faster so you can act quickly to mitigate the impact, keeping people safe.

Get instant insights

Aggregate and analyze data to keep a data-backed pulse on what’s having the biggest impact on the health and safety of your workers, your working environment, and your KPIs.

Key EASE safety features.

Mobile Auditing
Take your improved auditing power with you and log results on-the-go, even when offline.
Question Library
Streamline audits by storing and managing content and questions in one central repository.
Closed Loop Corrective Actions
Track and manage all corrective actions from identification to resolution in a seamless, closed–loop system.
Email Notifications & Escalations
Receive timely notifications about scheduled audits, completed activities and escalations to keep everyone accountable.
Reporting & Dashboards
Configure dashboards to suit your operational needs and generate reports for real-time status updates.
Unlimited Users Vis
Unlimited Users Per Plant
Give all employees access to the tools they need to conduct inspections, manage audits, and track results to accomplish their goals.
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EASE safety inspection checklist.

EASE is used by manufacturers to conduct a wide range of plant floor inspections and audits including safety inspections, 5S, process audits, Gemba Walks and more.

Safety Inspection Checklist
Trusted by Quality, Safety & Operations leaders at top manufacturers.
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Manage EHS at your facilities with EASE.