Ensure Safety

Safe at work, safe at scale.

Scale and improve operations without compromising on safety. Take your safety teams digital to find and prevent incidents faster, and protect your employees on the frontline.

Reduction in time to resolution of issues
Increase in completed safety audits
Closure of corrective actions

* Examples of what customers have achieved with EASE

The simplest way to improve safety.

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Spot risks, stay safe

Find risks early to increase the safety of your plants, and don’t let workplace accidents add costs that could have been easily prevented.

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Create a culture of safety

Ensure a lasting impact on safety culture and shared values, with greater transparency than ever before.

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Keep your teams happy

Boost employee morale and retention by making safety more than just a checkbox exercise.

Make safety inspections a breeze.

Design digital safety inspections that go far beyond mere box-checking and make a real difference to your workplace and company culture. Stay compliant with safety standards and keep your workers safe and engaged.

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Say goodbye to admin & hello to action.

Focus your time on actions and decisions instead of administrative tasks. Put automation and real-time data visibility to work to discover safety non-conformances faster and build a closed-loop issue resolution.

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Share bite-sized insights for company-wide improvements.

Send meaningful safety insights to relevant stakeholders in just a few clicks, allowing for better decision-making and worker engagement at your plant or across multiple sites.

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Implementing digital safety audits was a game-changer for us. For us, this isn't just an investment in safety, but a strategic move towards increased resiliency and profitability.

VP of Safety at Tier 1 Automobile Supplier

Make your plants safer, today.