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Your auditing & inspection cushion.

In the fiercely competitive realm of home goods production, your customers demand unwavering quality. With EASE, you can simplify the process, centering quality as the core of your operations while reducing admin expenses and quality-related issues.

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Here’s how it works.

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Maintain your edge

Make on-time delivery and zero defects a reality with a quality-focused platform, keeping customers happy and loyal.

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Speed & quality — no trade offs

Maintain quality even when the stakes are high, helping you launch more great products in this rapidly evolving market.

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All audits — no busywork

Manage all kinds of audits, from safety to quality, and generate valuable insights with a higher audit completion rate.

A good home for audits & inspections.

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Slash admin overheads

Reduce time spent on audit busywork by up to 85% with automation tools, notifications, and more.

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Show, don’t tell

Make compliance and quality expectations crystal clear by sharing photos of what they look like in real-world situations.

Get actionable data insights

Identify trends, spot defects, and make on-the-spot corrections with real-time data insights. No data experience necessary.

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Audit from anywhere

Conduct audits directly from your mobile device, even when you’re outside of WiFi range.

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Audit at scale

Drastically increase audit completion rates to not only improve operations, but generate more and better data.

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Automate all audit types

Oversee all audit types seamlessly from a single platform, helping you drive operational excellence and risk mitigation.

Take comfort in compliance.

Transform compliance from a headache to a quality-enforcing strength, with tools to make it simple and effortless. EASE is SOC II certified to protect your data, GDPR compliant to protect your people, and IT-approved across manufacturers big and small.

  • SOC II certified to protect your data
  • GDPR compliant to protect your people
  • IT approved across manufacturers big and small
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By using real-time data and analytics, we're able to identify and address quality issues faster and more accurately than ever before. With EASE, we can not only ensure that each product meets our high standards but also drive improvements across the board.

Director of Quality at Cabinet Manufacturer

Deliver quality with EASE.