Worker Engagement

Tools to empower & engage.

Transform your plant floor by engaging your most important assets: your people. Use our digital tools to enable your team with the resources they need to be successful and engaged, and retain them long-term.

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Better for you & your people.

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Engaged employees stick around

Improve morale, satisfaction and retention by engaging your employees more effectively.

Boost productivity

Leverage real-time metrics and gamification to fuel employee engagement and increase efficiency.

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Close loops faster

Streamline workflows, empower staff and address feedback quickly, with real-time visibility throughout.

Achievements & Leaderboards

Make hard work fun & interactive.

Gamify your plant floor with achievement badges and leaderboards, promoting healthy competition and teamwork. Celebrate milestones, drive performance.

  • Real-time feedback and accountability features
  • Leaderboards and achievement badges
  • Site-specific or company-wide visibility
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Harness your collective intelligence.

Engaging your workforce has countless benefits, and a major one is that problem solving becomes faster and easier, enhancing both performance and engagement.

  • Close loops faster
  • Real-time progress tracking
  • Open idea submissions
Problem Solving Visual
Action Plans

Collaborate on root-cause analysis.

Enable teams to work together to discover each why within your 5 Whys, to complete each step of your 8Ds, or to pinpoint which of the 5 Ms is impacting results the most.

  • Document discovery of root causes
  • Standardize and structure containment plans
  • Validate effectiveness of corrective action

Experience the benefits of engagement.