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Digital assessments without limits.

Unique in the industry, take advantage of one flat rate based on the size of your plant, with economies of scale for multi-site implementations. Enjoy unlimited audits, inspections, and other checklist-based assessments, and add additional users at no extra cost. We have your back as you grow and scale your programs.

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Here’s how pricing works.

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One fair flat rate

Plant size based pricing featuring unlimited audits and users.

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Scale smart, save big

Unlock savings with economies of scale for multiple sites.

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Boosted metrics with less red tape

Spend less time juggling licenses and more time impacting KPIs.

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Calculate your 3-year return on investment.

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Pricing FAQs

Avoid the costs of your status quo.

Find out how to drive bottom line impact with EASE.

Reduction in quality costs
Less time spent on admin
Increase in audit completion rate
Increase in OEE

* Examples of what customers have achieved with EASE