Improve Quality

Manage quality in real-time.

Track non-conformances, make sure corrective actions get closed, and leverage real-time data to drive continuous improvement. Prevent pencil-whipping, process variations and inefficiencies with randomized questions, photos, rotating audits, and much more.

Reduction in quality costs
Reduction in customer defects
Fewer overdue corrective actions
Increase in audit completion rate

* Examples of what customers have achieved with EASE

So, here’s how it works.

Unlock more accurate audits

Make your audits count each and every time with a digital process that all teams stick to.

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Fix quality issues before they cost you

Decrease the cost of quality and boost your bottom line by reducing quality escapes, scrap, and rework.

Keep customers happy

Satisfy compliance and customer requirements all while saving your teams countless hours.

Achieve process compliance.

Consistently and reliably execute digital audits, inspections and other critical work processes to ensure your operations run smoothly and meet your quality goals. Have a streamlined process that’s not just easy to adopt, but a breeze to follow.

Process Compliance Visual

Report in just a few clicks.

Assess the execution of processes against your specifications, leveraging intuitive, out-of-the box dashboards and custom reports. Report on performance and findings with ease to multiple stakeholders across your sites.


Find & resolve areas of poor performance.

Record non-conformances, launch corrective actions, and make sure things get done with closed-loop issue resolution. Identify positive or negative trends, gaps, and required counter measures to drive continuous improvement.

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Without EASE and LPAs, we would have never reduced escapes to customers by 50%.

Keith Mayer
Vice President of Quality at EATON

Make your quality audits profit drivers.