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For Safety Teams

Keep safety top of mind. Every day.

Cultivate a safety culture at individual plants and across your company with a standardized, digital platform. Report near-misses, observe and coach safe work behaviors, and find, investigate and resolve incidents quickly.

We made our safety walks and safety audits digital with EASE. Now we spend less time tracking down forms or results and we spend more time making sure we have a truly safe working environment.

Director of Safety at Aerospace Supplier

Catch, prevent & eliminate risks.

Make sure hazards are found, prevention measures are in place, and safe working processes are followed by every single person, every single day.

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Never miss a near-miss.

Get real-time notifications and dashboards so you’re in the know about what’s happening on the plant floor, and can take action quickly.


Engage everyone — wherever they are.

Empower your teams to easily capture observations and safety concerns from wherever they are on the plant floor. Take photos and document the details all through our intuitive mobile app.

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Safety audits, simplified.

Protect your staff and your company with the industry-best approach to safety audits.

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Make your operations audit proof

Ensure compliance with safety standards with a consistent, easy-to-follow digital audit process.

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Say goodbye to administrative delays and headaches

Focus your time on actions and decisions instead of administrative tasks, and address unsafe conditions faster.

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Create one-click actionable reports

Easily generate and share actionable insights with stakeholders to level up company–wide safety standards.

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We lost a lot of time, energy, and information using paper and Excel to manage safety at our facility. EASE not only enabled us to simplify our processes, it helped us empower our workers to immediately report hazards, unsafe conditions, and behavior-based safety observations from anywhere. And because the data is made available in real-time, we're able respond faster and implement preventative measures quickly.

EHS Manager at Global Manufacturer

Level up safety with EASE.