July 22, 2021

Global Auditing Programs and Data Management Measures Enhanced with EASE Summer 2021 Release

MISSION VIEJO, California – July 22, 2021 – Manufacturers operating multiple plants whether within a single geography or internationally can now gain more insight into the effectiveness of their auditing programs throughout their portfolio with the introduction of the EASE Summer 2021 Release. EASE Inc, has released its latest update to improve how audit metrics […]

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April 13, 2021

EASE Continues Impressive Momentum with User-Review Awards Sweep

MISSION VIEJO, California – April 13, 2021 – Building on momentum gained in 2020 and the beginning of this year, which saw major manufacturing customer wins and expansion even amid the pandemic, Ease, Inc has continued its upward trajectory by scooping several wins in G2’s Spring Awards 2021. EASE – the audit and insights software […]

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March 25, 2021

EASE Driving Digitalization of Plants and Making Auditing Accessible for All with Launch of Spring Release

MISSION VIEJO, California – March 25, 2021 – Amid remote working and reduced workforces as a result of the pandemic, and increasing supply chain demand placing a strain on manufacturing, plant floors are to become increasingly inclusive and digitalized with the launch of EASE’s Spring 2021 product release. The release includes additional audit report panels, […]

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February 3, 2021

European Expansion, New Automotive Customers and Significant Growth

MISSION VIEJO, California – February 3, 2021 – Despite a turbulent year for the manufacturing sector which saw worldwide factory shutdowns and global output fall by an estimated 8%, EASE Inc. achieved milestone successes including significant growth as well as expansion across Europe. In addition to its offices in the US and Ukraine, EASE – […]

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