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Discover the benefits of implementing digital layered process audits within your organization

Hobson & Company, a leading market research firm, conducted independent research consisting of in-depth interviews with EASE customers across a range of industries and found that a digital layered process audit platform addressed a range of customer challenges to deliver a quick and compelling ROI.

This Layered Process Audit ROI Calculator provides you with:

  • A personalized 3-year ROI for the EASE LPA software
  • Number of months until investment pays back
  • The overall 3-year value created
  • Monthly cost of waiting
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What is EASE?

EASE is the innovative mobile platform leading manufacturers use to simplify how they administer, conduct and respond to plant floor audits. From Layered Process Audits to safety and 5S, let EASE bring visibility and accountability to the plant floor.

Forget paper and pencils. The EASE mobile app guides your audits including responses to non-conformances and annotated photos that provide visual evidence. With Issue tracking, assign issues to appropriate parties and ensure they’re closed out. Interactive dashboards and customizable reports provide real-time audit results and insights by line, plant, region or business unit.

Looking for engaged employees, satisfied customers and audit programs that drive real business value? It’s time for EASE.

Downward Trend

An 80% Reduction in Time Spent on Audit Administration, Management, and Reporting

Downward Trend

25% Reduction in Quality Escapes