Announcing Beacon 1.13: New Languages, Improved Reports and Mobile Support

Ease Insider

August 16, 2016

global quality controls

We are excited to announce the latest Beacon update, which adds features designed to help teams improve global quality control. The 1.13 release includes new languages, improved reports, and enhanced mobile support.  Continue reading to learn more about the specific feature enhancements.

New Languages

Beginning with version 1.13, Beacon adds support for German and Chinese in addition to the current English and Spanish capabilities.  Companies that have expanded their operations to global major manufacturing hubs need to ensure that top quality measures are not lost in translation, and Beacon provides these additional languages. Next up: French!

Improved Reports and Categories

Ensuring that managers and directors get the right information to meet quality goals is one of our key focus areas at Ease. We strive to find new ways to look at the data generated by automating audits with Beacon, which is why we continually enhance the reports page to meet our user’s needs.  Here are some of the latest additions:

New Panels

Leverage the metadata tags that Beacon lets you add to your documents and questions to more quickly and precise identify issues and opportunities.  Two new panels: ‘Failures by Tags’ and ‘Failures by Location’, allow you to see which areas are affecting your operations at a granular level…

Data Labels

With all panels, you now have the option to view data labels. This makes information even more easily digestible and helps when using Beacon charts in offline presentations.

In Depth Metrics and Ad Hoc Mitigations Report

Reports can now be viewed on a per week basis, in addition to the larger monthly and quarterly reports. One other feature in the reports includes new fields in the Ad-Hoc Mitigations. Both of these additions were implemented with the goal of providing better insights into the latest audit metrics, as well as detailed categorization for crystal clear reporting and root-cause analysis.

Manage Your Question Groups

With the new update, administrators have more flexibility when revising the layout of documents. This means that now users can modify and place documents in an order that aligns with the work flow, providing the flexibility and ease of access for which  Beacon is known.

Other Improvements

  • Improvements to the user interface bring a smoother feel to Beacon
  • Beacon support tickets can now be submitted from your mobile device
  • Drag and drop functionality for your organization layout
  • Improved search functionality

That’s it for now!  We were actually a little late in getting this release announcement out, so our customers have been enjoying these new features for several weeks.  That means, however, that we’ve got another release coming pretty quickly, so stay tuned!