Beacon Release version 1.4

Ease Insider

December 14, 2015

global quality controls

We’re excited to announce release 1.4 of Beacon, which introduces a redesigned, customizable dashboard, along with a number of other small improvements and fixes.

Beacon was already a great tool for the administrative and operational requirements of audits. It makes creating, editing, scheduling, and conducting audits simple, and handles resolving issues found during audits with ease. However, one of the biggest advantages to using software for audits is access to data. Since audits and issues are all tracked in a database, we can analyze  the data from activities in ways that are nearly impossible with a paper based system.

A big part of our latest release (Beacon 1.4 release notes) is making sure that you get visibility into the data you want. We introduced the ability for managers to customize their dashboard by adding additional panels and removing panels that are not useful. This combined with the update from the last release (allowing managers to rearrange and resize panels) allows managers to fully customize their dashboard.

We want managers to get the most out Beacon. This and future releases will include new panels and ways of viewing your data. If you are looking for a chart or view of your data, let us know so that we can create it. If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, send us a message.

View the full 1.4 Release Notes here.