Beacon release version 1.5

Ease Insider

January 28, 2016

global quality controls

We are happy to announce that within the next few days we’ll be releasing version 1.5 of Beacon. The release has several new features which are detailed in our release notes, but the interface has also received some big updates so we wanted to let you know in advance. It’s important that we mention that we’re not fans of “change for change’s sake”, but these changes are well worth it. We re-evaluated our navigation menu and overall site structure to make the Beacon experience more consistent, but also to prepare for a number of big new features we have coming soon.

One of the first changes you might notice is that there is now one navigation bar that focuses on the main areas of Beacon.

As with the broader interface, the options displayed in the navigation bar are more consistent as well. These are the main areas represented:

  • Home – the location where you will find everything that has been assigned to you and a new page that displays your action items.
  • Manage – deals with creating and editing your content such as documents and questions, tags, groups (e.g. failure categories and modes), etc.
  • Assign – the place to go to assign activities to a person, location, or other resource, most commonly used to schedule people to conduct audits.
  • Report – provides access to dashboards and reports including all audit activity and mitigations.
  • Admin – contains three pages that cover all of the previous pages in the old Administration menu. When you click on Organization, you land on the familiar Org Tree page, but it is now a tab next to several other pages where you setup your organization.

Many of these areas now contain tabs, which we started using because they help show that these pages are all related.

Check out our release notes for more information about the redesign and the other exciting additional features we added.