EASE Insider/Published: April 28, 2016

Beacon 1.8 Released with Enhanced Global Quality Controls for Manufacturers

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The Ease Beacon assessment platform enables manufacturers and service providers to meet the increasingly complex demands of the connected world while also lowering their cost of quality.

We are excited to announce the newest Beacon updates designed to help teams improve global quality controls. The 1.8 release includes several enhancements to help managers better filter data, provides improved import/export capabilities, enhances group audit scheduling, and streamlines reporting requirements. Beacon 1.8 also includes more control features for audit administration with improved navigation for a more fluid experience within the application.

Continue reading below to learn more about the specific feature enhancements.

Multiple Language Support

  • Beacon 1.8 adds multiple language support for audit management. Organizations can now allow users to configure their language preference.

Schedule Multiple Audits at Once

  • Schedulers and Managers can easily schedule multiple audits to their teams. This change further streamlines the administrative process for audit assignment and helps cut administrative costs.
  • Managers can now set unique time zones for each site and managers can assign audit schedules across different time zones.


  • Managers and Executives can now filter reporting results in the Reports tab by location. Results can be filtered to specific plants, by regional area or left unfiltered for a global view. Open the Chart Filters to find this feature under the date range.

Import Your Question Library

  • Onboarding is easier in Beacon 1.8 with the added feature allowing for a CSV upload of audit questions. Administrators can quickly bring teams onboard with active checklists migrated from existing spreadsheets. Release 1.8 also updates the question creation and edit pop up windows for a cleaner look and feel.

Custom Sort Mitigation Results

  • Visualization of mitigation tasks are easier in Beacon 1.8 with custom column views. Managers can now add and remove columns from Open Mitigations, All Mitigations, and All Audits. Access this feature using the Cog icon to the right of the column headers and select the columns you want to view on the page.
  • In Beacon 1.8, mitigation results can be filtered by unique date to establish corrective action timelines. Access this feature in the All Mitigations and All Audits tabs by selecting a desired date range.
  • Share results when needed and export mitigation activities as CSV file to meet customer quality requirements.

How does your team use Beacon? Please share your experience with the product using the comment box below.

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