Layered Process Audits/Published: June 15, 2018

Layered Process Audit Checklist Template: 10 Questions to Get Started

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planning your LPA program

This layered process audit checklist template is intended to help automotive and aerospace suppliers get started with LPAs. Note that this LPA checklist is a starting point for ideas, and should be customized to the specific department, work area and process being audited.

As you create your own LPA checklist, try to limit it to 10 questions that take no longer than 10 minutes to answer. Questions should be:

  • Objective: Use yes or no questions where yes means pass and no triggers mitigation or corrective action.
  • Specific: Avoid terms like “properly” or “correctly.”
  • Concise: People who are not process experts should be able to easily answer the questions.

The LPA checklist is an editable Excel spreadsheet that you can alter to your specific needs. Just simply download, and start using it today!

Printing Note: Make sure to ‘scale to 1 page’ when printing in ‘landscape’ format for ease of use.

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