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Automated scheduling, centralized question library, checklist management and templates for a variety
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Best-in-Class Layered Process Audit Support

EASE is the most complete solution for automating and reporting on Layered Process Audits (LPAs):

LPA-specific features such as audit scheduling and reporting by layer without any additional configuration

Focused user interface to eliminate administrative time

Delivers a more effective Layered Process Audit program

Supported by a team of passionate experts who know “how to do LPAs right” and are dedicated to ensuring your success

EASE Scheduling LPAs by Layer

Question Library

A well-management question library is a major benefit of an automated software solution over paper-based audit programs. EASE has robust question management including:

  • Easily add and remove questions from audits
  • Question randomization - minimize ‘pencil whipping’
  • Question version management
  • Updating questions can result in automatic updates in all related audits
  • Support for multiple question types such as pass/fail, scored, multiple choice, multiple select and text and numeric data collection
  • Attach images and other reference documents to questions
  • Provide visual standards so that there is little to no ambiguity when auditors are evaluating a question
  • Question version management
  • Question tagging - control the ratio of question types delivered
  • Limit questions by scope
EASE Audit Questions Library Management for LPAs, 5s
EASE Automated Audit Scheduling

Comprehensive Audit Scheduling

Not every audit type or program is the same so your plant floor audit tool should give you scheduling flexibility. EASE does just that with:

  • Visual audit scheduler to vastly simplify managing and scheduling audits
  • Schedule by location, station or machine including randomized location selection
  • Repeat audits daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly
  • Schedule audits by layer to make it easy to schedule everyone involved in an LPA program with all their different auditing frequencies
  • Let auditors complete audits after their due date with a configurable grace period
  • Automatically email auditors when they can start their audit, the day the audit is due, and if it is past due
  • Automated reminders to let auditors know of upcoming audits or overdue audits
  • The Delete Request feature makes it easy for auditors and administrators alike to manage auditor availability

Customizable Audit Types

EASE can be used for a wide variety of plant floor audits such as:

  • Layered Process Audits (LPAs)
  • COVID-19 Audits
  • Safety Audits
  • System Audits
  • 5S Audits
  • Preventative Maintenance Audits
  • Plus create your own dedicated audit type that is specific to your manufacturing organization with separate reports for the results
EASE Conduct Mobile Audit
EASE Audit and Question Library Management

Document, Item and Tag Management

EASE is your centralized location to keep question check sheets up to date and tightly managed:

  • Version control and history tracking
  • Document status control
  • Approver workflow
  • Select which type of location a document applies to such as line station or machine
  • Get started on new documents quickly with document cloning
  • Use custom tags for better organization, reporting and question randomization
  • Control values centrally for various dropdowns in EASE to customize it for your plant floor

Customize for your Organizational Structure

EASE was built specifically with plant floor audits in mind and lets you easily configure your organizational structure including location, stations, departments, shifts and more. This not only makes for easier administration but rolls up into reports so you can identify gaps and issues at various levels.


Close the loop on failed audit questions with on-the-spot mitigations or corrective actions

Track open mitigations and easily see what items are open and when they are due

Support for Failure Modes

Import users, questions, tags, org tree

And more …

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