What's New in the EASE Fall 2021 Release

The Fall 2021 Release of EASE is here! Check out the new features and enhancements below to discover the new capabilities.

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Additional Issue Response Customization Options

With the EASE Fall 2021 release, we have given audit administrators even greater control over their reaction plans than ever before. Now, if an organization uses EASE for Layered Process Audits (LPAs) and multiple additional audit types, or even if they only use EASE for a single, non-LPA audit type, administrators will have the ability to create preset failure categories and countermeasures for every audit type that their organization conducts in EASE. Coupled with the ability to create individual reporting dashboards by audit type, this will ensure that the proper actions are being identified, taken, and tracked in EASE no matter what type of audit is being performed.

Multiple Mitigations

Expanded Issue Mitigation

The vast majority of the time, there will be a one-to-one relationship between the reason a question fails (i.e. man, method, or machine error) and the action necessary to correct it. However, in the event that there are multiple actions required to correct a non-conformance, an auditor should have the ability to assign additional mitigations to ensure that all necessary actions are taken by all responsible parties to help ensure that non-conformance doesn’t occur again.

With the EASE Fall 2021 release, auditors can assign multiple mitigations to a single failed question. Suppose, for example, an audit question asks if an operator is using a torque gun as outlined in the work instructions. The auditor observes that the operator is not, and further notices that the work instructions are out of date. Using EASE, the auditor will now have the ability to assign the proper mitigation for the process error (operator using the torque gun incorrectly) and add a second mitigation for updating the work instruction, both of which can be assigned to the correct responsible employee. This enables more actions to be taken in a timely fashion to correct non-conformances on the plant floor, helping reduce the chance of an uncorrected error leading to a quality escape.

Manufacturing Audit Question Analysis

New Question-Level Insights

In addition to discrete pass/fail, numerical, scored, multiple choice, and multiple select responses that can all be captured and reported against, EASE enables auditors to add comments along with their question responses to further elaborate on their observations. These comments can sometimes be additional information that the auditor has chosen to add to their response, feedback on a question itself, or they can even be required explanations of what exactly led the auditor to fail a question. Up until now, however, it would be the job of the audit administrator to review individual audits if they wanted to derive question-level insights. With this release, we’re streamlining this process.

The EASE Fall Release introduces the All Answers List in our Reports Module. Now, any user with the ability to access EASE reports can dig deeper into questions to see how they’ve been answered over time, even by layer or location, to identify trends in their question-level data. As with all list views in EASE, this information can also be exported for further analysis as needed.

Improved Corrective Action Tracking

The EASE Fall 2021 Release introduces several panels into our Reports Module to enable more efficient corrective action tracking alongside audit metrics. Organizations using the 8D and 5Y Corrective Actions module in EASE to manage CAPA activities will now have the ability to create dashboards to track their corrective actions in a variety of ways, including:

  • Corrective actions by severity
  • Corrective actions by escape impact
  • Corrective actions by escape ID point
  • Corrective action status by site
  • Days remaining in corrective actions

Other Enhancements

  • Reporting dashboards can now be filtered by document
  • Questions with numbered response types can now be analyzed on a scatter plot in the Reports Module
  • Questions with free form response types can now be analyzed on a word cloud in the Reports Module
  • Mitigation status by responsible party is now available in the Reports Module
  • Question compliance panels in the Reports Module now load faster
  • If an audit download is interrupted, the system will now automatically retry the download
  • Template Type and Audit Category have been replaced with Audit Type for a more consistent experience throughout the application
  • Improved readability for PDF exports
  • Additional Roles and Corrective Action Roles are now available as columns in user list views
Audit Question Word Cloud


The 2021 Fall Release features will be released throughout the coming months. EASE releases features to customers across multiple development release sprints during each period. In the case of major updates, EASE also provides the option for customers to opt into new features and provide early feedback before the features are turned on for all customers. Please contact your customer success manager or [email protected] for further details and with any questions.