Mobile Plant Floor Audits

Conduct audits directly on your mobile device even without an internet connection.

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Advanced Mobile Auditing

As more and more manufacturing plants progress on their digital transformation journey, with many aiming to completely eliminate paper, mobile devices become a critical component of plant floor audits. EASE is the go-to mobile app for conducting audits and issue tracking:

  • Intuitive user interface that auditors love
  • Catch non-conformances and receive in-app guidance on the corrective action or mitigations available
  • Log any issues that require further investigation
  • View any findings that have recently been created for the questions in your checklist
  • Securely capture pictures for on the spot visual proof of audit completion or examples of failures that are found
  • Annotate images for further clarity
Mobile LPAs

“Auditors gravitate around it because of its cool, modern feeling”

Available for iOS (iPhone, iPad), and Android devices

Find EASE in the Apple App Store or Google Play as well as various other geographic specific Android stores such as in China.

Mobile App Android iOS
Mobile Audit App
EASE Non-conformance and mitigation tracking

Mobile Issue Management

Capture directly in the mobile app any issues discovered during a plant floor audit that cannot be immediately resolved into EASE Issue Management.

Audit Email Notifications (new audit, reminder, missed audit)

Known when you have an upcoming audit with new audit notifications, reminders and even when an audit has been missed so it can still be taken within any set audit grace period.

EASE Audit Email Notifications
EASE Audits available in German, Spanish and other languages

Localized in 21 Languages and growing

EASE has been adopted around the world as the standard platform for conducting plant floor audits with support for more than 20 languages with more being added all the time. Additionally, our Customer Success Team runs onboarding and training in multiple languages as required.

Auditor Badge Achievements

Add gamification to your audit programs with the auditor badge achievements. Inform auditors and admins how many audits have been completed and how well people perform in completing their audits on time as they strive to attain new badges.

Plant Floor Audit Gamification

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