Manufacturing Audit Reports, Dashboards and Radiators

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Customizable Dashboards and Charts with Drill Down Reports

Build a report page by configuring the out of the box charts to immediately see the information you care about whenever you access EASE.

EASE Layered Process Audit Dashboard


Reporting is at the heart of any good plant floor audit program but turning data into information that can inform decision making can take days or longer. With EASE the information is easy to read and available instantly. See audit results as well as charts and insights that can indicate positive and negative trends:

  • Single Site Reports - EASE includes several standardized charts and metrics that will help you evaluate your audit program and keep track of issues. For example, audit completion rates, top failed locations within the plant and question compliance.
  • Multi-Site Reporting - For managers with responsibility for multiple manufacturing plants, EASE features out of the box reports that enable you to look for trends across plants and compare plant audit performance.
  • Advanced Report Builder*- When you have specific requirements not met by the out of the box reports, the EASE Customer Success Team can help you build custom reports and charts that can be made available directly within EASE.
Expanded Multi-Site Audit Reporting
EASE Plant Floor Audit PDF Export

Export to PDF Feature

Another feature is the ability to export audit results and corrective actions to clean, printer-friendly PDF formats. Whether it’s to post to a status board on the plant floor or simply to file or share with customers, the PDF export format has a clean design and can include print-appropriate photos.

“It gives us a lot of visibility and this was not available in the paper-based system”

– Gowri Prashanth Salem Mohan, Launch Quality Engineer for Tenneco

Data Export

Need to use audit data outside of EASE? No problem. Export any of our reports to csv format or for more exacting requirements, use EASE Insights* that includes a fully synchronized data warehouse for integration to business intelligence platforms.

Plant Floor Audit Data Warehouse and Analysis

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