What's New in the EASE Spring 2023 Release

The Spring 2023 Release of EASE is here! Check out the new features and enhancements below.

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Findings-Level Failure Categorization

Over the past 12 months, we have introduced several new features and enhancements related to issue management. Starting with enhancements to failure categories, modes, and urgency levels, and continuing with the introduction of escalation notifications and the ability to report findings outside of audits, all of these enhancements combine to make issues easier to identify, assign, address, and analyze. The EASE Spring 2023 Release introduces the next enhancement in this line.

Beginning with this release, all findings in EASE can be assigned their own failure categories and modes. For customers taking advantage of the ability to create multiple findings from a single failed audit question or non-audit finding, this will facilitate an even deeper understanding of plant floor issues and help ensure none go under-reported.

Improved Audit Navigation

As part of our ongoing commitment to making audits easier to complete accurately, we are introducing a new audit interface in our Spring 2023 release. If this optional interface is enabled, audit checksheets will be presented in a single-screen view for auditors to scroll through all at once and complete. All of the existing audit integrity features in EASE, including the ability to add reference photos to questions, require auditors to attach reference files when responding to questions, and closed-loop issue routing, are available in both interfaces.

User Roles and Permissions Updates

EASE is purpose-built to give every user access to the tools and information they need to successfully contribute to plant floor audit programs. To ensure this, we are constantly evaluating the user roles and permissions available in EASE to determine if there are updates that need to be made. In the Spring 2023 Release, we have created some additional roles to allow program administrators to better manage access to certain workflows:

  • Responsible Party: can be assigned to manage a finding
  • Approving Party: can be assigned to approve a finding
  • Data Analyst: can access reports module

Dashboard Enhancements

  • New panel: Findings Opened by Department
  • The default layout for new report dashboards has been updated
  • A new “Clear Dashboard” option has been added to the dashboard menu to remove all panels and start from a blank slate
  • Current Week is now available as a time filter

Additional Updates

Finally, the Spring 2023 Release contains several enhancements to existing EASE functionality. Enhancements in this release include:

  • Document and Question Libraries can now be restricted to display documents and questions scoped to selected locations only
  • Questions with date/time responses can now trigger findings
  • Non-audit findings can now be assigned a default Responsible Party and Approving Party in site settings
  • Ad hoc audits can now be disabled at the site level if desired


EASE Spring 2023 Release features will be released during the upcoming quarter. EASE releases most new features and enhancements to customers quarterly, in addition to monthly service packs containing additional enhancements and bug fixes. In the case of major updates, EASE conducts a beta program with a subset of customers at specific sites to collect feedback prior to full release. Please contact your customer success manager or the EASE support team for further details and with any questions.