What's New in the EASE Summer 2021 Release

The Summer 2021 Release of EASE is here! Check out the new features and enhancements below or join the EASE team and watch the OnDemand webinar by clicking the button above to see the new capabilities in action.

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Expanded Multi-Site Audit Reporting

The new reporting module first released in Winter 2020 allows site administrators to dive deep into the performance of their audit programs at a single site level and create shareable dashboards for groups of metrics that they want to track. With this release, we’ve significantly expanded the ability for users responsible for multi-site audit programs to evaluate audit results and compare performance across all sites they are responsible for.

Multi-plant Audit Dashboards

New report panels that can be added to dashboards include:

  • Audit completion percentage by site
  • Audit status by site
  • Mitigation status by site

“I like the reports the most, easy to use, many options to customize and it remembers the last settings used. Very quick to create various charts and graphs (Trend, % charts, Pareto, etc.) for an easy to read visualization.”

QMS Manager at Major Automotive Parts Manufacturer

Improved Data Management

Many enterprise organizations, especially those with facilities in multiple countries, have special data privacy requirements such as GDPR that they are required to comply with in order to avoid running afoul of regulatory bodies. While we provide the ability to host organizational data in Europe or on an additional server with increased security measures today, our Summer 2021 release significantly expands our ability to help our customers navigate their unique data privacy requirements. As an added benefit for all of our users, we also expect our new geopartitions to improve application performance globally.


Stronger Document Controls

The EASE Summer 2021 release makes it even easier for enterprise organizations to create and share audit documents for all of their sites to use. EASE enables organization admins to create global questions and documents that users at individual facilities can include in their own documents or use in their audit programs. However, some users have experienced that site admins could edit or even delete those global documents.

In this release, we’ve introduced improved document controls that will grant users whose scope is less than a document’s scope read-only access to those documents. We’ve also introduced new document library filters to allow users to view all of the documents available for their use or only those unique to their facility. Layered process audit programs are only as strong as the checksheets they rely on, so our aim with this release is to make it as easy as possible for organizations of all sizes to ensure that the right questions are being asked in the right locations at the right time.

Document Controls
New Audit Results

New Audit Results Module

Our Summer 2021 release will introduce a new look for our audit results module. In an effort to make audit results more accessible and make it easier to find all mitigations associated with an audit, we have completely redesigned the module to deliver a better user experience. This update will also provide a more consistent experience with the new conduct audit module. Initially, the new audit results module is available in parallel to the legacy offering. By opting into the new experience, users will get:

  • Tab-based navigation that displays audit results, mitigations, and history separately
  • Easier access to audit details like audit number, date started, and date completed
  • All mitigations associated with a completed audit sorted by priority
  • Detailed audit history to track status updates, such as reopens and reschedules

Additional Customer-Driven Enhancements

  • Organization Admins can now enable and disable public dashboard sharing capabilities
  • Additional time interval options have been added to New Reports for added granularity
  • Question compliance by location is now available in New Reports
  • Failed Audits panel is now available in New Reports
  • Mitigation status by urgency level is now available in New Reports
  • Question compliance by department is now available in New Reports
  • Question compliance by shift is now available in New Reports
  • Top failed location panel in New Reports now drills down to questions
  • Top failed questions panel in New Reports now drills down to location
  • Top failures by category panel in New Reports now drills down to location
  • All percent complete panels have a visualization option to view the total for the entire time period
  • The add panel pop up in New Reports now groups panels based on the type of data being displayed
  • In list views, all location selectors now match the one used in New Reports
  • Layout improvements
Customer-Driven Features


The 2021 Summer Release features will be released throughout the coming months. EASE releases features to customers across multiple development release sprints during each period. In the case of major updates, EASE also provides the option for customers to opt-in to new features and provide early feedback before the features are turned on for all customers. Please contact your customers success manager or [email protected] for further details and with any questions.

*Items with an asterisk may require the purchase of a value add-on