Driving Plant Floor Performance with EASE

Ease.io is a leader in plant floor audit and insights software for the manufacturing industry. We're catalysts for change, indisputable, passionate experts that help our customers learn, grow, and take action to help transform their worlds.

How do we do it? By harnessing the rich data that most manufacturing companies are missing: plant floor data. The intel that tells you how your workers and machines are actually executing your processes. When you have the insights that really matter, that's when you and your business can more forward - not in small steps, but in leaps and bounds.

The EASE audit software is used in more than 40 countries and 25+ languages to conduct millions of plant floor audits every year. From automotive to aerospace, electronics, medical devices and more, Ease.io's solutions are transforming data into actionable intelligence.

In 2023, Ease.io received a growth investment from Luminate Capital Partners. Ease.io is a privately held company based in San Clemente, California.

Make it Simple

We handle the hard stuff to make your life easier—so you can do more.

Find the Truth

We help you harness the power of data to uncover your operational truth.

Bring the Magic

Through our people and our technology, we create a magical experience that leads to real-world change.

Management Team


Eric Stoop

  • Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer, Eric Stoop leads the development and execution of Ease’s vision and long-term strategy, ensuring company growth through the delivery of innovative products and solutions.

With more than 20 years of management, strategy, and technology experience, Eric specializes in building and growing successful organizations. He is the founder and former leader of a top-ranked financial services technology firm and has aided in the turnaround of Fortune 500 companies in several high-demand industries. He has a track record of repeated success in developing partnerships and new product strategies to help clients perform complex tasks with fewer mistakes and measurable results.

In addition to being a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization, Eric is a former practicing attorney and current member of the State Bar of California. His legal background includes an in-depth understanding of regulated environments and the technology licensing issues faced by manufacturers.

John Friske

John Friske

  • Chief Customer Officer

John Friske serves as Chief Customer Officer and is responsible for the entire customer journey at Ease.io - from initial engagement to implementation and ongoing customer success. John leads the sales and customer success teams ensuring that EASE customers are the best served in the industry and remain deeply satisfied with every aspect of their relationship with Ease.io.

Prior to joining Ease.io, John spent the last three decades successfully establishing and growing high technology firms specializing in the development and deployment of enterprise software solutions. John has served in leadership positions for international venture and equity backed companies in roles such as; CEO, President, COO, and SVP of Sales and Professional Services.


Scot Larsen

  • Chief Technology Officer

Scot Larsen is a seasoned technology executive who leads product development and infrastructure management for Ease.io. Scot brings 30 years of software development and management experience to the team, as well as a deep background in manufacturing control systems engineering.

Scot was previously Senior Director of R&D at Schneider Electric Software, where he managed eight product lines that included cloud-enabled engineering tools for the company’s largest control system platform. Prior to Schneider Electric, he was Senior Director of R&D at Sage, heading up product development for the company’s leading ERP/accounting platform for mid-tier businesses. Scot led the lean agile/scrum transformation at both companies and was key architect of the Schneider Electric Software enterprise lean software development lifecycle.

Scot’s expertise managing large and complex global teams has helped build him a reputation for growing market-leading technology companies. A control software and systems engineer for 12 years, Scot has a deep understanding of manufacturing operations and processes, using this knowledge to build solutions that solve manufacturers’ challenges.

Andrea Walter, CMO of Ease.io

Andrea Walter

  • Chief Marketing Officer

Andrea Walter brings over 20 years of marketing leadership to directing the transformation of Ease.io’s marketing function. As Chief Marketing Officer, Andrea was trained in the Toyota Lean Management Principles with global work experience in branding, advertising, communications, public relations, product, customer, and acquisition marketing.

She started her career in an advertising agency for Fortune 500 brands including Infineon Technologies, Avery Dennison, BMW, and more. After relocating to the US, Andrea moved into growth marketing and then B2B Tech running North American marketing for Teletrac, a market leader in fleet management and analytics and then Veritone, the first publicly traded AI company.

Before coming to Ease.io, Andrea worked at Ephesoft – intelligent document automation – where she ran the global marketing team before getting acquired by Kofax after significant growth.

Andrea earned a Master's in Media & Communication from WAM and holds an undergraduate degree from Europaschule Ostendorf-Gymasium in Lippstadt, Germany.

Mark Phillips

  • Chief Finance Officer

Mark Phillips is a progressive Silicon Valley finance executive with over thirty years of experience in financial, operational, and executive management positions.

Mark has worked in both the private and public sectors, demonstrating exceptional leadership, communication, decision-making, and negotiating skills. He specializes in executive leadership, strategic thinking, team building, fund raising, M&A, and software as a service (SaaS).

Mark graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles and has held leadership positions in companies such as Hawthorne Effect, Inc., Reputation.com, and SoftNet Systems.

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