MISSION VIEJO, Calif., June 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Ease Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based process performance solutions, announced today that Beacon, it’s process assessment management platform has been updated to version 1.11. While Beacon handles all types of audits and inspections, from quality to compliance to safety, it’s especially effective at managing layered process audit (LPA) initiatives.

Total Engagement

LPA programs involve all layers of organizational management in brief process assessments that vary in frequency from daily to quarterly. Beacon manages these process audits and related activities to proactively identify and address process gaps that traditional sample and specifications-focused systems overlook – or identify far too late. Involving key personnel at all levels demonstrates a commitment to quality and compliance and puts more eyes on processes, making it less likely for failures to go unnoticed or unreported.

What’s New


The new release brings single-sign-on (SSO) and additional improvements to Beacon’s powerful audit scheduling capabilities. While audit scheduling has long been one of Beacon’s strengths, the enhancements in this release accommodate the most complex scenarios, including DuPont shift rotations and similar scheduling approaches.

The interactive dashboards have been enhanced with several new panels to provide management with the best information available. New charts display audit and mitigation performance across regions or even the entire enterprise. These charts provide drill down views to offer a more granular look into the performance of specific auditors and locations, as well as to identify the most common issues and mitigation activities.

These enhancements further strengthen Beacon’s ability to deliver immediate, measurable value through consistent execution of, and real-time visibility into, critical operational processes. These actionable insights highlight improvement opportunities and help organizations avoid the devastating effects that occur when they ignore the data that their processes generate. For more information about Beacon, go to https://www.ease.io.

For over 25 years, Ease has provided the world’s leading companies with true continuous improvement and process performance solutions that reflect its commitment to the belief that with better information, better outcomes are always possible.


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