SAN CLEMENTE, California – July 5, 2022 – Ease Inc. has announced its Summer 2022 Release, introducing an all-new module for recording observations outside of scheduled audits, delivering in-audit visibility into recurring plant floor issues, and improving issue prioritization and resolution capabilities.

“Plant floor audits, observations, and incident reports without timely actions taken to address issues are not value-added activities,” says John Fredrickson, Director of Product for Ease Inc. “The latest updates to EASE create greater visibility on these actions – both within and outside of audits – and enable them to be routed and completed in a more effective manner than ever before.”

The EASE Summer 2022 Release introduces a brand-new module for reporting findings outside of assigned or impromptu audits. Using this fully customizable new module, EASE customers will be able to configure what types of findings they want their teams to be able to report. Then any member of their organization will have the ability to record safety observations, create incident reports, notify maintenance, and more. Combined with the powerful visual reporting capabilities of EASE, this will help EASE customers further ensure that no issues are falling through the cracks on their plant floors.

The latest EASE release also aims to help manufacturers join the dots on any issues occurring on their plant floors and quickly identify any patterns in audit findings before they can become systemic quality or safety issues.

“Recurring issues are the enemy of any plant floor audit program,” says Jason Holte, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Ease Inc. “If issues are being identified repeatedly in layered process audits (LPAs) or safety inspections and not properly addressed, then the effectiveness of the audits themselves can be called into question. Real-time visibility into audit findings and their corresponding resolutions is paramount.”

With the EASE Summer 2022 Release, as soon as an audit question fails anywhere in a plant and a mitigation is assigned to correct the issue, every audit conducted for the next 30 days that also asks that question within the plant will display an indicator that there are prior findings for that specific question. These in-audit findings insights will enable auditors to understand how many times that question has recently failed, the status of any mitigations that have been created, where in the plant the issue occurred, and who has reported this issue in their audits. This can help manufacturers identify recurring non-conformances within a plant faster and, combined with the new module for reporting findings, could enable auditors to suggest that leadership initiate a formal corrective action event to identify the root cause of the issue.

Finally, for customers that manage multiple audit and inspection programs (such as LPAs, safety, and 5S), the EASE Summer 2022 Release now allows for the creation of unique urgency levels by audit program. Fully customizable at the plant level to align with internal expectations around issue resolution, this will help ensure that every audit finding is appropriately prioritized and escalated to management as needed.

The platform’s features will be released over the next quarter.

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