News/Published: October 12, 2021

EASE Fall 2021 Release Enables Next-Level Identification and Correction of Manufacturing Audit Issues

Fall 2021 Release

MISSION VIEJO, California – October 12, 2021 – Ease Inc. has launched its Fall 2021 Release, making issue management for manufacturing audits more effective, enabling more specific identification of audit question failures and the assignment of countermeasure corrections for all audit types.

The EASE Fall 2021 Release allows auditors to assign additional mitigations for failed questions, gives audit administrators more control and guidance over their reaction plans when a non-conformance is identified, facilitates deeper analysis of qualitative audit responses and improves reporting capabilities for corrective actions. Combined, these new capabilities make non-conformances within the production process easier to identify, correct and analyse for all manufacturing audit types, including layered process audits (LPAs), safety inspections, 5S audits, and more.

Eric Stoop, CEO of EASE, Inc, said: “Taking the appropriate action once a non-conformance has been identified in an audit is the most important component of a healthy manufacturing audit program. If audit findings aren’t leading to effective issue mitigation, it’s really just an exercise in gathering data.

“The EASE Fall 2021 Release enables more actions to be taken in a timely fashion to correct non-conformances on the plant floor, helping to reduce the chance of an uncorrected error leading to a quality escape or safety incident.”

Most plant floor audit programs exist to ensure that proper procedures are followed to prevent adverse results in areas such as product quality or worker safety. While it is most commonly the case that when a non-conformance is identified there is a single action required to correct it, there are cases where more than one correction is required in order to fully address the observed behavior. The EASE Fall 2021 Release expands the ability for auditors to prescribe all necessary action items when an audit question fails, ensuring that processes can be brought back into compliance completely and more quickly as the result of one audit.

With the EASE Fall 2021 release, audit administrators will also now have greater control over their reaction plans than ever before. Now, if an organization uses EASE for LPAs and multiple additional audit types, or even if they only use EASE for a single, non-LPA audit type, administrators will have the ability to create preset failure categories and countermeasures for every audit type that their organization conducts in EASE. Coupled with the ability to create individual reporting dashboards by audit type, this will ensure that the proper actions are being identified, taken, and tracked in EASE no matter what type of audit is being performed.

Further, EASE’s latest update also provides a higher level, and more streamlined, process to understanding how audit questions have been answered.

The All Answers List capability, debuting in the EASE Fall 2021 Release, houses all question responses in one place. In addition to comprehensive reporting on audit program metrics such as audit completion rates and overall question response trends, program administrators can now dig deeper into individual questions to see how they have been answered over time, even by management layer or location, to surface trends in their question-level data. This information can then be used to identify opportunities to improve question wording for clarity, or even questions that should be asked more or less frequently or in other areas of a plant.

Additionally, the EASE Fall 2021 Release also allows for more effective corrective action tracking. Organizations that manage their corrective action processes in EASE will now have the ability to create and share custom dashboards to track their activities in a variety of ways, including corrective actions by severity, impact or quality escape point.

The platform’s features will be released throughout the coming months in Q4 this year.

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