News/Published: April 9, 2013

EASE Inc. Integrates Operator Skills Matrix into Software System

EASE Inc. Adds Operator Skills Matrix to Software System

MISSION VIEJO, CA – April 9, 2013 – As part of a continued effort to offer state of the art software products to their customers, EASE, Inc. has announced the release of their latest software enhancement, Operator Skills Matrix including Operator Training Control tied to specific operations on the manufacturing shop floor. The addition of the Operator Skills Matrix will complement the already powerful manufacturing productivity software products that include: Engineered Labor Standards, Line Balancing, Work Instructions, Manufacturing Document Management, Manufacturing Change Control, Layered Process Audits and On-line ViewEASE.

The purpose of the Operator Skills Matrix, within the EASEworks Manufacturing Document Management (MDM) module is to link operators and their training level to specific locations based on relevant training checklists. Supervisors can then review skills on line and optionally prevent unskilled operators from logging into a station.

With this enhancement, MDM will now hold the Operator Skills Matrix and hold all supporting documentation associated with the skills matrix. The system will display operator data via the MDM viewer at the level required for a specific operation and will provide a way to control access to a station/machine login based on the operator meeting training requirements for that location.

As part of this new functionality, a robust ability to generate reports around operator skills training including: trained operators for a given asset, trained operators by shift, trained operators for a given station, trained operators for a specific tool and trained operators in multiple operations. In addition, as a supervisor or administrator you can drill down to see what stations an operator has been assigned to including their skill level, current status and what other instructional courses they have completed.

Michael Linos, CEO and President of EASE Inc. said, “We are very excited to offer the latest functionality in a long line of very successful manufacturing productivity tools from EASE Inc. The addition of the Operator Skills Matrix gives our Manufacturing Document Management and Work Instructions customers a greater ability to control quality, reduce re-work on the shop floor and reduce injuries to operators due to not being properly trained for an operation.”

EASEworks Operator Skills Matrix features:

  • Operator Skills Checklist Certifications
  • Add Training Checklists to Work Stations or Specific Machines
  • User Certification Tracking
  • Re-Certifications for Changes to Process
  • Detailed Reporting Capabilities
  • User Defined Setup and Control

About EASE Inc. 

EASE Inc. was founded in 1986 with the goal of providing Industrial Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers and Quality Engineers with a powerful and cost effective suite of software products. EASE Inc. is the leading provider of On-Demand Manufacturing Productivity Solutions with clients that include: Dell, Cummins, Harley Davidson, Aston Martin, Black & Decker, Rolls Royce, Home Depot, Safeway, US Navy, Raytheon, Sub-Zero, Teledyne, Toys “R” Us, Tyson, Hitachi, Lowe’s and many others. EASE Inc. is a recognized innovator in the field of Engineered Labor Standards, Work Instructions and Manufacturing Document Management software.

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