News/Published: March 6, 2013

EASE, Inc. Integrates Standardized Work into Software System

EASE, Inc. Integrates Standardized Work into Software System

MISSION VIEJO, CA – March 6, 2013 – As part of a continued effort to offer state of the art software products to their customers, EASE, Inc. has announced the release of their latest software enhancement, Standardized Work (often called Standard Work).

Standardized Work will complement the already powerful manufacturing productivity software products that include: Engineered Labor Standards, Line Balancing, Work Instructions, Manufacturing Document Management, Manufacturing Change Control, Layered Process Audits and On-line ViewEASE.

Standardized Work is one of the most powerful but least used Lean tools. By documenting the current best practice, standard work forms the baseline for Kaizen or continuous improvement. As the standard is improved, the new standard becomes the baseline for further improvements and so on. Improving standard work is a never-ending process. Standard work consists of three elements: (1) Takt time, which is the rate at which products must be made in a process to meet customer demand, (2) the precise work sequence in which an operator performs tasks within takt time, (3) the standard inventory, including units in machines, required to keep the process operating smoothly.

Establishing standardized work relies on collecting and recording data on a few forms. These forms are used by engineers and front-line supervisors to design the process and by operators to make improvements in their own jobs.

With the addition of Standardized Work to the EASEworks® software suite, operators will now be able to create standardized work for a station that is ISO 9000 auditable, accessible online and linked to Labor Standards and Work Instructions via the process steps held with an operation for a given process plan.

Michael Linos, CEO and President of EASE Inc. said, “We are very excited to offer the latest functionality in a long line of very successful manufacturing productivity tools from EASE Inc. The addition of Standardized Work gives our Labor Standards and Work Instructions customers a more robust Lean Manufacturing tool to improve their operations.”

EASEworks Standard Work features:
• Use common forms
• Increase plant Standardized Work Coverage
• Allow for Document Control
• Allow documents to be available on Web
• Based on Excel templates
• User defined column headers
• Tied to EASEworks® Process Planning
• Standardized Work can be linked to images and video
• Operator sign-off and approval links

About EASE Inc.

EASE Inc. was founded in 1986 with the goal of providing Industrial Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers and Quality Engineers with a powerful and cost effective suite of software products. EASE Inc. is the leading provider of On-Demand Manufacturing Productivity Solutions with clients that include: Dell, Cummins, Harley Davidson, Aston Martin, Black & Decker, Rolls Royce, Home Depot, Safeway, US Navy, Raytheon, Sub-Zero, Teledyne, Toys “R” Us, Tyson, Hitachi, Lowe’s and many others.

EASE Inc. is a recognized innovator in the field of Engineered Labor Standards, Work Instructions and Manufacturing Document Management software.

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