MISSION VIEJO, CA — September 22, 2015 — Ease Inc., an industry leader in process performance solutions, today announced the release of its new Software-as-a-Service product: Beacon. Aimed at helping manufacturers looking for a way to move away from paper-based auditing systems, Beacon focuses on automating and improving layered process audit (LPA) programs.

Audits are sometimes required of manufacturers, which often struggle with various aspects of the process, from implementation and staffing to remediation and result analysis. And even if audits are optional, many companies encounter difficulty as they strive to ensure quality in their production lines. With SaaS-based Beacon, manufacturers can efficiently conduct LPAs across the organization and, ultimately, achieve greater quality and reduced costs at their plants.

A key feature of Beacon is its adoption of tablet technology to replace paper-based auditing processes. This innovation results in three significant benefits:

  • Beacon reflects real-time data, which allows managers to be proactive about potential issues instead of just reactive to problems.
  • Beacon provides close-loop reporting so that management has visibility into process conformance and corrective actions taken across operations.
  • Beacon makes audits easier to create, schedule, manage, change, and control.

Beacon also integrates with existing manufacturing plant software, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, manufacturing execution systems (MES), and enterprise quality management software (EQMS).

“Whether mandatory or optional, process audits are an important element of quality and profitability within the manufacturing process,” says Eric Stoop, CEO of Ease Inc. “However, many companies find themselves overwhelmed by the time, effort, and expense required to conduct effective audits. Beacon solves many of the struggles that manufacturers experience during the auditing process. The result is increased efficiency, cost savings, and resource utilization.”

About Ease Inc.

Founded in 1986, Ease is a leading provider of process and production performance solutions, from electronic work instructions and in-process data collection to work measurement and layered process audits. Available as a cloud-based or on-premise solution, Ease leverages years of experience working with global organizations to better engage key resources and enhance visibility, control, and flexibility at every stage of the production and process lifecycle. From design to delivery, Ease empowers businesses to deliver higher-quality products and services in less time and at lower cost.


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