MISSION VIEJO, CA – February 2, 2012 – EASE Inc., the leading provider of lean manufacturing design-to-production solutions, announces the release of v7.0.  The new release enables EASE’s entire suite to be delivered either on-site as a client server application or as an online web application.

Michael Linos, CEO and President of EASE Inc. said “EASE v7.0 was written from the ground up with the latest Microsoft .NET technology by our experienced team of software engineers to provide our customers with on-demand manufacturing productivity solutions minus the prohibitive cost of additional IT infrastructure.  We are very excited about v7.0 and the ability to offer EASE as a web based application in addition to our popular client server version.”

In addition to upgrading its software delivery model, EASE has moved a way from a single, one size fits all piece of software to break out individual modules which offer organizations true customization.  The EASE modules now offer Engineered Labor Standards, Line Balancing, Work Instructions, Change Control, Manufacturing Document Management, Layered Process Audits, FMEA’s and Tool Management.

About EASE Inc.
For more than 26 years, EASE Inc. has helped more than 500 of the world’s leading manufacturers and service providers, in 23 countries, to significantly improve their performance and competitiveness. As a leading supplier of cost-effective software solutions for manufacturing, logistics, retail and administrative environments, EASE provides solutions that are powerful, cost-efficient, and easy to implement and use.

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