News/Published: April 5, 2022

EASE Spring 2022 Release Delivers More Intelligent Audits and Inspections, Plus Increased Scheduling Flexibility

Spring 2022 Release

SAN CLEMENTE, California – April 5, 2022 – Ease Inc. has announced its Spring 2022 Release, introducing more powerful question-level logic into audit and inspection documents, delivering new group scheduling to its easy-to-use automated scheduling capabilities, and expanding single sign-on options for enterprise-scale manufacturers.

“Global manufacturing has been at the hard edge of a global pandemic, supply chain issues, and labor shortages – now further accentuated by the ongoing war in Ukraine.” says Eric Stoop, Ease Inc. CEO. “Despite these unprecedented challenges, manufacturers continue to keep the world moving forward, relying on the EASE plant floor audits and insights platform.

The latest updates to EASE bring greater flexibility to ensure our customers can continue to deliver the consistency of quality of their products and while guaranteeing the safety of their workforce.”

The EASE Spring 2022 Release introduces Advanced Question Logic, a new feature designed to enable auditors to dig deeper into issues before initiating a closed-loop issue management process. Now, when creating or modifying audit and inspection checklists in EASE, administrators will have the ability to add conditional questions based on the response to the initial question that was asked. This new capability will give EASE customers richer audit data and enable a deeper understanding of plant floor quality and safety processes.

The latest EASE release also helps address one of the biggest challenges with manual, pen-and-paper audit programs: ensuring that audits get completed. The administrative burden of creating an audit schedule and then tracking down auditors to ensure that they complete their assigned activities can amount to a full-time job for many manufacturers. This process is challenging even under ideal circumstances, but with ongoing staffing issues and the continued prevalence of remote work, the challenges are multiplied.

To help manufacturers navigate these new realities, the EASE Spring 2022 release introduces the ability to schedule an audit or inspection to either an individual or a group of auditors to complete on a first come, first serve basis. This will help EASE users better navigate the availability of their auditors to ensure that critical quality and safety audits continue to get completed no matter who is on the plant floor at a given time, further reducing the possibility of non-conformances slipping through the cracks.

Building on existing authentication capabilities , the new update expands the ability for enterprise customers to manage secure access to the platform. Many plant floor workers do not have company-provided email addresses, making access to software solutions like EASE difficult to manage, particularly when company policy mandates the use of single sign-on.

Previously Ease introduced the ability to provision logins with a username rather than an email address, and with the Spring 2022 Release, enterprise customers who require single sign-on can now provision EASE accounts using any unique identifier, not just an email address, to identify users. This will help further ensure secure access to company systems, no matter if a user is logging in on the plant floor or remotely.

The platform’s features will be released over the next quarter.

For more information and a full outline of the new capabilities, click here.


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