EASE Spring 2021 Release

EASE Spring 2021 Release

Expands Reporting and Enables Wider Participation in Plant Floor Audits

What's New in the EASE Spring 2021 Release

The Spring 2021 Release of EASE is here! Check out the new features and enhancements below to discover the new capabilities.

Expanded Audit User Support

Manufacturers are somewhat unique in that many employees that work on the plant floor do not have a company email account nor do they have access to a work computer. Until now, including these employees in plant floor audit programs has been a challenge.

EASE’s Spring 2021 release addresses this with significant enhancements to user management within EASE. It is now possible to create users that do not have email addresses and instead rely on a username and a set of non-digital processes. Not only does this mean broader participation in audits, it also increases transparency and accountability by removing the need for employers to share generic email addresses. This is one of many enhancements to user management in this release.


“It is a great tool for layered audits. My team’s efficiencies and metrics have improved as well as our quality and scrap reporting.”

– Plant Manager at global manufacturing company (EASE Customer)

New Report Panels and Configurability

The next generation reporting was introduced in the Winter 2020 release and is available in parallel to the legacy reports. The objective of the new report module is to make audit data more broadly available and accessible. This includes a wider number of more focused report panels along with the ability to create multiple sharable dashboards. This way, others can have dashboards with specific focuses e.g. a dashboard focused on one production line; and then easily share those dashboards with relevant employees. The Spring 2021 release builds on this with the addition of several new report panels.

New Report Panels Added:

  • Countermeasures Report
  • Question Failure Report
  • Audits by Shift Report
  • Audits by Department Report
  • Mitigation Status by Site Report
  • Question Compliance Report
  • Percent Complete Audits by Shift Report
  • Audits by Location Report
  • Average Score by Tag Report

Moreover, new time period filter options have been added – month to date; quarter to date; year to date.

The new reporting module is available alongside the existing Reports page in order to smooth the transition for customers. It can be enabled in your User Profile.

Spring2021Release NewReports MacbookPro S

Enhancements to New Conduct Audit Including 5S Audit Support

The next generation conduct audit was first introduced in the Winter 2020 release and delivers improved audit guidance and lays the foundation to provide real-time contextual insights for auditors. The initial focus has been on fully supporting layered process audits and the Spring 2021 release builds on this with support for more audit question types and several user-requested features.

  • Support for 5S audits including all the required response types
  • Added support for free form question responses
  • Scoring questions added including the ability to set a minimum passing score
  • Scored questions that are below the required score automatically require failure category, failure mode and comments as well as mitigation (if set to required)
  • Questions can now be marked as critical and are displayed as such in the audit and audit navigation
  • A passing score can be set for an overall audit
  • Auto expands collapsed questions that have failed when user submits to make it easy to identify the failed questions that need completing
  • Enhanced offline support includes the ability to start an audit on one device or platform and complete it on another. Conflicts are communicated to the user
  • New conduct audit module is fully synchronous

Moreover, new time period filter options have been added – month to date; quarter to date; year to date.

The new conduct audit module is available alongside the existing conduct audit in order to smooth the transition for customers and allow those with more specific audit requirements to time their migration appropriately. It can be enabled in your User Profile.

5S Audit Animation

Other Enhancements in this Release

  • Expanded rollout of Image Gallery to more places within the application. The image gallery makes it easier for users to view image attachments, browse through them and zoom into the areas of concern
  • Question Library import now supports XLSX (in addition to CSV) offering both added convenience as well as support for a significantly wider number of Unicode characters
  • Enhanced tracking and logging when document approvers are updated
  • Enterprise Reports* can now be printed or saved as PDFs


The Spring 2021 Release will be made available throughout the coming quarter. Ease releases features to customers across multiple development release sprints. In the case of major updates, Ease provides the option for customers to opt-in to new features and provide early feedback before the features are turned on for all customers. Please contact your customer success manager or support@ease.io for further details and questions as to availability of features for your organization or specific site.

*Items with an asterisk may require the purchase of a value add-on