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EASE Summer 2023 Release

Expanded Device Support, API Connectivity, Deeper Audit Data

What's New in the EASE Summer 2023 Release

The Summer 2023 Release of EASE is here! Check out the new features and enhancements below.

Microsoft App Store Availability

The EASE Audits mobile app is coming soon to the Microsoft App Store!

Beginning in July 2023, Microsoft device users will be able to download the EASE Audits mobile app to conduct audits, manage and report findings. This will enable full offline support for Microsoft device users just like iOS, Android, and Google device users enjoy today.

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Scheduling Enhancements

Scheduling audits is one of the most important workflows in EASE. Managing the complex scheduling needs of multiple audit programs can be time-consuming, and we are constantly evaluating ways to improve audit distribution and overall scheduling reliability.

With the Summer 2023 release, we have introduced a revamped scheduling module that will make audit administration in EASE even more streamlined than it is today. Following the completion of beta testing, administrators will enjoy a new single-screen interface that makes creating your audit schedule, no matter the complexity, easier to accomplish. Additionally, the new scheduling module will enable assigning audits by shift and to teams of auditors. Combined, this will result in even more time-savings than the existing scheduling module delivers today.

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Expanded API Connectivity

A growing trend among EASE customers is the desire to pull EASE activities and data into other enterprise systems to update items such as findings within those systems and decrease the amount of time spent navigating between tools. While EASE has supported the ability to push data into other systems via API for some time, the Summer 2023 Release significantly expands this capability. Following beta testing, the following EASE items and data will be available in other systems:

  • Audits
  • Findings
  • Audit programs
  • Sites
  • Users

Audit Custom Fields

To facilitate deeper audit data mining, the EASE Summer 2023 Release introduces an all-new custom fields feature for audit documents. Using custom fields, audit program administrators will now have the ability to collect information such as the operator/auditee, part number, or customer associated with the audit being conducted. These fields can be free form, multiple choice, or multiple select to fit the type of data being collected by auditors.

Audit Results With Fields

Additional Enhancements

Finally, the Summer 2023 Release contains several enhancements to existing EASE functionality. Enhancements in this release include:

  • Icons on the home screen dashboard have been adjusted to better represent the reports they are associated with
  • Additional date range options have been added to home screen dashboards to facilitate faster data analysis
  • All home screen dashboard reports can now be exported to .XLSX or .CSV
  • In Reports module, Question Compliance panels can now be configured to analyze trends in up to 10 specific questions
  • Users can now add a picture to their account under My Profile
  • Your organization’s logo will now appear in all email notifications
  • Escalation alert emails now include auditor comments
  • All Audits list view can now be filtered for audits that have photo/document attachments
  • When conducting audits, the category and sub-category menus have been expanded to display up to 50 characters


EASE Summer 2023 Release features will be released during the upcoming quarter. EASE releases most new features and enhancements to customers quarterly, in addition to monthly service packs containing additional enhancements and bug fixes. Please note that the scheduling enhancements, API connectivity, and audit custom fields in the Summer 2023 Release will be undergoing beta testing with a subset of customers at specific sites to collect feedback prior to full release. Please contact your customer success manager or the EASE support team for further details and with any questions.