EASE Winter 2020 Release

EASE Winter 2020 Release

Next Generation Release Increases Audit Efficiency and Plant Floor Visibility

What's New in the EASE Winter 2020 Release

The Winter 2020 Release of EASE is here! Check out the new features and enhancements below to discover the new capabilities.

New Conduct Audit Module

The conduct audit feature of EASE is one of the most important components of the software as it enables non-technical employees to conduct plant floor audits with little to no training. The next generation conduct audit delivers improved audit guidance and lays the foundation to provide real-time contextual insights for auditors.

  • Redesigned conduct audit user interface
  • Initially supports layered process audits with other audit types being added in Q1 2021
  • Attach and upload mitigation files directly on the conduct audit page when closing out a mitigation
  • Improved guidance to auditors as to which actions need to be taken in order to complete an audit – especially in the case of question failures
  • Auditors can opt-in or out of the new conduct audit at any time
LPA Audit New Animation

Redesigned Reporting and Dashboards

One of the significant benefits of moving from manual pen and paper to an automated audit platform is the accuracy and availability of real-time management reports. Now EASE makes it even easier for employees to see and share the data that is most relevant for each internal audience.


  • Redesigned reporting module and reports
  • New dashboard concept – a collection of one or more report panels
  • Create multiple dashboards to focus visibility on different locations or KPIs
  • Share pre-configured dashboards with other EASE users to enable faster adoption
  • Set target goal lines and % complete for key performance indicators and track progress towards goals directly on each report
  • Increased visualization options for each report type
  • New gauge visualization chart option
  • Improved filter usability including visual indicators of filters currently in use
  • New relative time periods filter
  • Enhanced custom date range filtering
  • New report types with more specific focus
  • Improved report drilldowns
  • Additional report types will be released throughout the next two quarter

Performance at Scale

During the past 12-months, EASE has seen an exponential growth in audit volume across plants in more than 40 countries. In order to ensure the platform continues to provide a best-in-class experience, the team has been undertaking work to stress test the platform and drive performance improvements. The latest release of EASE has a response time that is now more than 3x faster than just 4 months ago in most of the key application areas.

Performance Icon 03

Other Enhancements in this Release

  • Create corporate-controlled questions that can be used across plants and updated centrally
  • Export the Question Library for periodic reviews such as to meet CQI8 requirements
  • Schedule and track mobile TISAX self-assessments (European automotive security standard) and generate TISAX compliant reports.*
  • Auditors can choose a different shift when starting an audit if the shift is different to the one scheduled
  • Re-route audit delete requests to a different manager
  • Enhanced views and filters including searching all available columns to quickly identify the data points that you want to add. Plus, filtering by a scope other than your current one
Other Features Graphic L


The Winter 2020 Release will be made available throughout the coming quarter. Ease releases features to customers across multiple development release sprints. In the case of major updates, Ease provides the option for customers to opt-in to new features and provide early feedback before the features are turned on for all customers. Please contact your customer success manager or support@ease.io for further details and questions as to availability of features for your organization or specific site.

*Items with an asterisk may require the purchase of a value add-on