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EASE Winter 2022 Release

Improves Non-Conformance Escalation and Makes Findings Easier to Create and Analyze

What's New in the EASE Winter 2022 Release

The Winter 2022 Release of EASE is here! Check out the new features and enhancements below.

Scan a QR Code, Report a Finding

The EASE Summer 2022 Release included the beta launch of a new Non-Audit Findings module for quickly reporting issues outside of audits. With this release, not only will that feature be made available to all customers, but it will now be possible to create, print, and post QR codes throughout a plant that, when scanned on a mobile device, launch the Non-Audit Findings module to allow any EASE user to report a finding at the location of the QR code. Combined, these two updates will help empower anyone on a plant floor to report what they see when they see it and improve issue response times.

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Create Teams and Configure Escalation Notifications

In order to ensure that issues are prioritized and addressed efficiently, management needs real-time visibility into priority issues as they are identified. While all non-conformances are important and must be corrected to ensure process consistency, urgent issues need to be escalated quickly so that resources can be allocated to fixing.

The Winter 2022 Release adds a new escalation notification added to EASE. Within program settings, it is now possible to assign one or multiple teams to the urgency level of any finding. If a finding is created with that urgency level, those teams will receive an email notifying them of the finding and allowing them to access the details of that finding, including who is assigned and when it is due. Administrators can create and manage teams in their organization settings.

Application Label Changes

The EASE Winter 2022 Release contains updates to some labels within the application that are intended to make them more closely align with what they represent. These updates include:

  • In the left-hand navigation menu, “Manage” has been changed to “Library” and “Assign” has been changed to “Schedule”
  • Throughout the application, “Mitigations” has been changed to “Findings” to address issues with translating “mitigations” into other languages
  • “Audit Type” has been replaced with “Program” globally

Additional Enhancements

Finally, the Winter 2022 Release contains several enhancements to existing EASE functionality. Enhancements in this release include:

  • When conducting audits, the recent findings indicator will only appear on a question if the question has failed at the location where the audit is being conducted in the prior 30 days
  • Date & Time is now available as a response type when creating audit questions
  • Audit questions can now require auditors to record the date an activity took place (I.e. when was a fire extinguisher last inspected?), with the option to also record the time an activity took place
  • In the Question Library, it is now possible to add a column to view when questions have last been asked in an audit
  • When creating or modifying questions, the available fields have been reordered to create a more logical workflow
  • Creating or modifying questions from the Question Library now utilizes the same workflow as creating or modifying questions within a document
  • When viewing audit results or findings, it is now possible to associate findings with any open corrective actions
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EASE Winter 2022 Release features will be released during the upcoming quarter. EASE releases most new features and enhancements to customers quarterly, in addition to monthly service packs containing additional enhancements and bug fixes. In the case of major updates, EASE conducts a beta program with a subset of customers at specific sites to collect feedback prior to full release. Please contact your customer success manager or the EASE support team for further details and with any questions.