The Business Case for Layered Process Audit Software

This Hobson & Company report highlights the financial impact of moving from manual ‘pen-and-paper’.

A layered process audit (LPA) program is a critical component of an effective quality program. However, there are many challenges to running a manual, ‘pen-and-paper’ LPA program.

Hobson & Company (H&C), a leading research firm focused on Return on Investment (ROI) studies, worked with Ease Inc. to explore these challenges and learn how industry leaders are responding. H&C conducted independent research through in-depth interviews with EASE customers that have switched from manual to digital LPAs. The goal of this white paper is to highlight examples of measurable ROI on key metrics confirmed by current users of the solution.

You’ll learn:
  • The 3 challenges of manual LPAs
  • 7 discreet benefits to switching from ‘pen-and-paper’
  • The primary financial KPIs
  • An example ROI for a representative organization using digital LPA software

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