Gemba Walk Checklist: Excel Template

Improve plant floor quality and safety

This checklist is a high-level template to help upper management get started with Gemba walks.

As you become more familiar with Gemba walks, you’ll want to create checklists specific to:

  • Theme: Each Gemba walk should focus on a specific theme, whether it’s the 7 wastes, 5S, 4M, productivity, customer service, safety or cost
  • Work area: Questions for painting should be different than questions for chassis, for example
  • Level of management: Plant leaders and higher should focus on the big picture, while middle managers and team leads can drill down into specifics

This free Gemba walk checklist is an editable Excel spreadsheet that you can alter to your specific needs. Sign-up, download, and start using today!

Note on printing: Make sure to ‘scale to 1 page’ when printing in ‘portrait’ format for ease of use.

Format: Microsoft Excel

Download instantly: