Making the Case for LPA Software:
Layer 1 - Benefits

Duration: 50 minutes
7 Ways Software Scales Your LPA Program

A layered process audit (LPA) program is a critical component of plant floor operations to avoid expensive and time-consuming quality issues.

Even if you’re effectively doing layered process audits with pen and paper or another method, manual input and retroactive reports and corrective actions are often too late and create an immense administration burden, reducing the efficacy of the program.

Join experts from The Luminous Group and explore Making the Case for LPA Software to create a culture of quality, improve plant operations with better audit accuracy, and to reduce quality escapes, scrap, and rework.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The benefits of a robust LPA program
  • How to address audits and mitigations with competing priorities
  • Multiplying the benefits of LPA with software
  • What to look for in LPA solutions
  • Evaluating a business case for LPA software
  • Necessary software capabilities and features

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Murray Sittsamer
President, The Luminous Group