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Pareto Chart Tip Sheet: PDF and Excel Formats

Download a free tip sheet to create Pareto Charts

Pareto charts in reporting can help you visualize the Pareto Principle, AKA the 80-20 rule, which states that in manufacturing, 80% of the outcomes are influenced by 20% of the inputs. This becomes especially useful when you are trying to understand the 20% of processes (or inputs) that could be causing 80% of your defects.

Creating them manually can often be confusing, so we’ve created a useful tip sheet for everyone who would like to learn more about creating Pareto Charts of their data sets.

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BONUS: Fill out the form on the right if you’d also like an Excel spreadsheet with example data in it that you can plug-and-play with your own values.

NOTE: Reporting via Pareto charts is included with each EASE subscription. If you are a current EASE customer and would like assistance with setting up Pareto charts in your reports, please directly contact support@ease.io and our team would be happy to help you.

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