News/Published: March 25, 2021

EASE Driving Digitalization of Plants and Making Auditing Accessible for All with Launch of Spring Release

2021 Spring Release

MISSION VIEJO, California – March 25, 2021 – Amid remote working and reduced workforces as a result of the pandemic, and increasing supply chain demand placing a strain on manufacturing, plant floors are to become increasingly inclusive and digitalized with the launch of EASE’s Spring 2021 product release.

The release includes additional audit report panels, enables employees without a company email address to take part in plant floor audits, and adds 5S audit support and enhancements to the new Conduct Audit module.

Until now, many manufacturing companies operated with somewhat ‘hidden’ employees, who didn’t have personal work emails – instead relying on a generic, shared username and non-digital processes. Not only does EASE’s Spring release enable broader participation in audits now, but it is another step towards manufacturing companies becoming more digitalized.

The Spring 2021 release also increases transparency in the auditing process as more people have oversight, making the data instantly available and digestible, and allows for more accountability by removing the need for multiple workers to share the same email addresses and log-ins.

Eric Stoop, CEO of Ease, Inc, said: “Until now, the auditing process has been inefficient and non-inclusive. Many employees on plant floors were somewhat unaccounted for as they were sharing log-in details, and not everyone had the ability to access plant floor audits. Workers didn’t have the insight into how efficient processes even were, and of course couldn’t provide oversight as to how they could be improved.”

“Making data more available for everyone involved in the workings of factory plant floors can only help decision making, and grow everyone’s personal investment in their companies and tasks. Importantly, ensuring workers are using digital processes rather than pen and paper speeds up the digital transformation of the plant floors, making them far more efficient and productive. It is more crucial than ever that companies take this step, as the manufacturing industry continues to feel the effect of the pandemic – in the shape of reduced and dispersed workforces, increasing buyer demand and pressure on supply chains.”

Building on the new Reporting Module, the Spring release has added several features including; countermeasures reports, audits by department reporting, audits by shifts reporting and question failure reporting.

The Spring release also enhances the new Conduct Audit module with 5S audit support, allowing plant floors to better manage the 5S principles in the workplace: Sort, Systematize, Shining, Standardizing and Sustaining. The Spring release’s new features include; enhanced offline support; the option of marking questions as critical and are displayed as such in the audit; and a passing score that can be set for overall audits. Other key features include enhanced user management, improved logging and tracking of document approvers and the ability to print enterprise reports in PDF versions, to make interpreting data easier.

Further information on the Spring release can be found by clicking here.

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