MISSION VIEJO, California – November 12, 2020 – Ease Inc., announced the availability of a complimentary new eBook – The Ultimate Guide to Layered Process Audits. This 93-page resource for manufacturers is the first of its kind focused on layered process audits and is packed with expert advice, checklists and tips and tricks.

Without essential process checks, manufacturers leave themselves open to a wide range of quality problems and costs. Using high-frequency plant floor checks, layered process audits (LPAs) reduce process variation, resulting in fewer production defects and costs while creating daily habits that build a culture of quality.

A number of industry experts and quality professionals contributed to the content and the eBook’s review. They all had similar reactions to the final product:

“A valuable resource for companies seeking to get the most out of their layered process audits” said Daniel Perez-Castilla, Global Quality Systems Manager at Tenneco Powertrain

Murray Sittsamer, President at The Luminous Group called it “A thorough and well-organized guide that covers just about everything needed to implement layered process audits.”

John Rose, Quality Systems Manager at Jacobs Vehicle Systems said it’s “Well suited for both LPA-experienced organizations and those just starting to roll out an LPA program”

The guide is comprised of 17 chapters and covers a wide range of areas including:

  • What makes these audits different and why companies conduct them
  • How to implement a successful LPA program, including the pivotal role of management
  • How to write LPA questions that work—a critical challenge for most manufacturers
  • Best practices for conducting audits and creating reaction plans
  • The role of digital transformation in addressing the traditional barriers to LPA success

“We definitely see our role in the industry as being more than developing great software or even providing world class service and support. Our objective is to do everything we can to ensure our customers thrive and that includes developing first class content that has real value to the manufacturing industry” said Gavin Drake, Ease Inc. CMO. “This new eBook pulls together some of the best and brightest in the industry to share best practice from implementation and question writing through to advanced strategies for preventing and solving systemic quality issues.”

The Ultimate Guide to Layered Process Audits is available to download for free from the Ease Website at https://go.ease.io/Ultimate-Guide-to-LPAs_LP.html.

About EASE
EASE is the innovative mobile platform that helps manufacturers simplify how they administer, conduct and respond to plant floor audits. With best-in-class support for layered process audits, safety, 5S and more – EASE drastically reduces labor costs and delivers insights that ensure audit programs drive real business value.

Leading automotive, aerospace and manufacturing organizations around the globe depend on EASE’s enterprise scale, expertise and customer-centricity. Ease Inc. is a privately held company based in Mission Viejo, California. To learn more, please visit www.ease.io.

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