Making the Case for LPA Software
Layer 2: Let's Talk Value

5 Financial Advantages Layered Process Audit Software Delivers

A layered process audit (LPA) program is a critical component of an effective quality program because it takes quality out of its departmental silo, and makes it a daily focus of all departments – creating a culture of quality across the entire organization. Unfortunately, manually managing high frequency audits creates a heavy administrative burden and makes it difficult for companies to reach the full strategic potential.

A recently commissioned study explores the key metrics used to evaluate and measure the business impact of EASE, the leading Digital Layered Process Audit software solution. This webinar will equip you with the top 5 financial advantages when building your own business case while sharing examples of the magnitude of operational and strategic value Ease customers realize.

Join experts from The Hobson Group and EASE as we explore Making the Case for an LPA Software by measuring the business value of a digital layered process audit solution.

During this webinar, Hobson will discuss:

  • Industry trends in Quality manufacturing
  • Key challenges from customer research by an independent source
  • Measuring the business value of LPA software
  • The Return on Investment (ROI) framework and the 3 key areas with the most value
  • Top 5 benefits and metrics of LPA software
  • An in-depth case study with actionable insights


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Cate Rodriguez

Partner, Hobson & Company

Cate Rodriguez is an accomplished executive with over 20 years of experience working with early stage companies experiencing rapid growth. She is currently a Partner with the consulting firm Hobson & Company where she specializes in helping companies define and implement ROI based selling strategies.

Ms. Rodriguez holds a BS in Civil Engineering Georgia Tech and an MBA from Harvard Business School.