Reduce Reoccurring Defects with an LPA Checkup

Duration: 60 minutes

Layered Process Audits done right means investing a little time upfront in prevention to avoid costly and time-consuming downstream quality issues that impact customer satisfaction.

That’s why it makes sense to check in annually on your layered process audit (LPA) program, looking at obstacles to success and best practices for achieving bigger results.

Hear from experts from The Luminous Group and EASE as they provide a framework for your annual LPA checkup. They’ll share ideas to simplify your LPA efforts and leverage data to drive operational excellence.

This webinar covers how to solve problems such as:

  • Audits that take too long
  • LPA efforts that don’t add value
  • Leadership skipping assigned audits
  • Open issues that are not resolved
  • Confusion as to which data and reports are most useful and how to review them

Watch on demand:

Murray Headshot G
Murray Sittsamer
President, The Luminous Group
Luminous Group Fred Goedtel Square
Fred Goedtel
Manufacturing Consultant, The Luminous Group